Friday, October 17, 2008


Welcome to the blog that will chronicle the news and happenings of the Texas Engineering Extension Service, or TEEX. College Station is most widely known as the home of Texas A&M University, but it is also home to TEEX.

A LITTLE ABOUT TEEX: TEEX delivers a wide range of technical and skills training programs aimed at employed workers and those entering the labor force. During its fiscal year 2007, TEEX provided training and technical assistance to more than 225,000 people from all 50 states, five U.S. territories, the District of Columbia and 53 countries via more than 8,300 deliveries conducted across the nation and around the world.


TEEX provides fire training. The 120-acre Brayton Fire Training Field is world-renowned for its large-scale, hands-on fire training props.

TEEX has unmatched homeland security training. We use real-world exercises to teach companies, communities, states and our nation to prepare for and handle WMD and terrorist attacks, as well as other disaster situations.
TEEX trains public works personnel in a variety of disciplines. TEEX reaches and serves most skill groups and departments found in government, and also tailors training specifically for the needs of industrial and private sector customers.

TEEX is home to the largest OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) training center in the country. Last year, TEEX trained more students in workplace safety than the federal OSHA Training Institute.

Anchored by the 52-acre Disaster City
®, TEEX’s urban search and rescue training prepares rescue teams for the unthinkable. TEEX is also the sponsoring agency for Texas Task Force 1, a state and federal US&R team.

TEEX serves as a catalyst foreconomic development in the state of Texas. Businesses of all sizes benefit from TEEX’s focus on the industrial supply chain, emergency planning and manufacturing assistance.

TEEX trains law enforcement and security personnel. This division is home to the Central Texas Police Academy and the largest private-sector-taughtUnexploded Ordnance course. We blow the doors off the competition – literally! (See the video below)

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