Friday, May 29, 2009

Outdoor Channel films at TEEX

This week, several people representing the Outdoor Channel were at TEEX to film portions of a 10-episode series titled, The Best Defense: Survival. The series will focus on how individuals, families and communities can plan, prepare and protect themselves from all sorts of natural or man-made disasters.

Show host and series director Michael Bane explains the show in detail, and why they wanted to use TEEX facilities and subject-matter experts in the video below.

Not only did much of the filming for the series take place at
Disaster City®, the Brayton Fire Training Field and the Emergency Operations Training Center, but TEEX and other entities of
The Texas A&M University System were able to provide subject-matter experts for each of the 10 episodes.

The show topics will include the following:
- Pandemic Events
- Localized Weather (flooding, tornadoes)
- Economic Collapse
- Earthquake
- Wildfires / Urban Fires
- Chemical Spills / HAZMAT
- Riots / Urban Unrest
- Dirty Bomb / Terrorism
- Nuclear Event
- A wrap-up show

The series is set to premier the first week of July and will be aired on Wednesday nights. Check your local listings to learn more.

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