Monday, July 13, 2009

Industrial fire school begins

Click on the photo to the left to see a slideshow of pictures taken Monday at the Industrial Fire School.

The second of three weeks of TEEX’s Annual Fire Training Schools is underway. This week’s instruction is geared toward firefighters from refineries and other industries from across the country.

In all, 466 students are at Brayton Fire Training Field for the week-long session.

An interesting thing about the majority of the firefighters here this week is that they are not strictly firefighters. Most of them have a totally separate job in the refinery or plant in which they work, but assume the role of firefighter when needed.

Fire School Prop of the Day video:

Courses being taught at Industrial School this week:

· Exterior Structural Firefighting for Industrial Brigades
· Interior Structural Firefighting for Industrial Brigades
· Fire Brigade Leadership
· Advanced Exterior Firefighting, Level II

Specialized Firefighting
· Industrial API Storage Tank Firefighting
· Industrial Fire Apparatus Practices I
· Industrial Fire Apparatus Practices II
· LPG Emergency Management
· Functions for Local Incident Management Teams

Professional Development
· Fire Instructor I
· Fire Instructor II
· Incident Safety Officer

· Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations
· Confined Space Rescue Technician
· Rope Rescue Technician

· Industrial Hazardous Materials Technician
· Industrial Hazardous Materials Transport Container Specialist


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