Friday, September 25, 2009

Stay Informed

This is the final weekend of National Preparedness Month and we hope everyone has learned at least one thing that will help them in an emergency. So far, we've discussed the importance of Getting a Kit and Making a Plan. Our final suggestion is to Be Informed.
Different emergencies require different responses. For example, a fire calls for building evacuation, while a tornado may call for people to remain in the structure for shelter. Understanding potential emergencies, and the appropriate response, is critical. Are you ready? Take this short quiz to determine your Readiness Quotient.
Our friends at have prepared an extensive, but not all-inclusive, list of potential disasters, as well as actions you can take to stay safe. A list of most-likely disasters may include:
Blackouts Chemical Threat
Extreme HeatFires
Influenza PandemicLandslide and Debris Flow (Mudslide)
Nuclear Threat Radiation Threat
Wildfires Winter Storms and Extreme Cold

Additionally, most areas or communities have established emergency plans. Do you know your community's emergency action plan? 

We'll be sharing the message of National Preparedness Month at this weekend's football game between Texas A&M University and the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Watch for preparedness messages throughout Kyle Field, including during radio broadcasts, stadium and scoreboard announcements, and inside the printed game-day program.
Just before kick-off, representatives of the emergency responders and emergency managers who keep Bryan-College Station, Brazos County and Texas A&M safe during disasters will be recognized on the field.
Also, watch for TEEX Director Gary Sera's blog next week on manufacturing and information technology. In the meantime, we'll see you at the game!

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