Monday, July 17, 2017

Burglar Proof Your Home #7: Alarm Systems

One of the other things we want to talk about when it comes to hardening the target is the use of alarm systems. There's a lot of different alarm dealers out there that are installing systems. My recommendation is that you do your homework.

Find out who is licensed and who is bonded before you just call anybody to come and install an alarm system in your home. A couple of things you want to think about, most alarm companies are going to offer you a basic package, which is going to probably take care of putting contacts at all your external doors and it’s probably going to offer you a motion sensor.

I would say that as a bare minimum, you want all your external doors contacted so that you know when one is opened. And you want to put at least a motion sensor in the house itself. The other thing to think about, most alarm companies are going to offer you some sort of monitoring service so if the alarm goes off, it sends a signal to a central monitoring area and then notify law enforcement to respond.

Most alarm systems are going to have some sort of siren unit in the home itself, so if that alarm goes off it creates an awful lot of noise which will obviously number one, alert the burglar and hopefully make them run out.

One of the things that you may want to think about if you're not going to be home, is putting that alarm in the silent mode so that if it does go off, it doesn't alert the burglar by sounding the alarm in the house but the central monitoring system does get the phone call and they alert law enforcement.

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