Wednesday, May 23, 2018

TEEX #WomenStepUp: Brandy Norris, Assistant Chief, College Station Police Department

Early on, I think I was probably motivated by the excitement of the job. Now I think I’m motivated by looking back and realizing that I truly made a difference in lives; knowing that I’ve stopped someone bad from continuing to hurt others. Even now, sometimes I’ll get a thank you card in the mail from someone I’ve helped. It may takes years to realize that impact.

In a job like this, you must not be afraid to address your emotions. You must hold it together in the heat of the moment but afterwards, do what you need to do to confront your emotions instead of burying them. 

There are so many different aspects of Law Enforcement and sometimes a woman’s approach or presence can get the outcome we want. Not to say that a male police officer or female police officer is better, sometimes we just approach situations in a different way. And I think those differences make all of us stronger.

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