Wednesday, August 1, 2018

TEEX #WomenStepUp: Courtney Moore, Product Onboarding Manager for Accredo Packaging

I am the Product Onboarding Manager for Accredo Packaging, where we produce flexible packaging for applications such as shrink bundling film that goes around water bottles and towel and tissue film as well as laminated structures that are converted into pouches for applications like sugar, frozen vegetables, chicken products, etc. 

In college, I never imagined I would be interested in the technical aspects of manufacturing. Accredo was my first manufacturing job, and I was immediately impressed and excited about working with something tangible. I started out as a production coordinator and then moved into customer service management. I had the privilege of joining the company in the early years, when it was necessary for me to become heavily involved in the specifications of the product. When we had questions and issues from the customers, I would physically go and check it out and work with the managers to solve the issue and/or get the questions answered. It was incredibly interesting to me, so even though it was more comfortable to stay on the familiar business side of things, I pushed out of my comfort zone because I enjoyed it. 

Now I manage all the specifications, especially for new products, and make sure that we understand the application, what the customer needs, and how to transition the new business to Accredo. What I like the most about my position now is the problem solving. When we get a new product that is not in our current wheelhouse, we work to find something that meets the customers’ needs while remaining efficient for us to produce. 

One of my challenges is to learn more about the product and machines, since my schooling and background are not technical.  There can be an under-estimation of how well I grasp those concepts, but I continue to ask questions to equip me for developing the new products. I have not worked on the production floor, but in my length of experience at Accredo, I’ve developed a knowledge base to help determine how to produce a new product and the skills to see that new business to fruition. 

What would I recommend to young women today about traditionally male jobs like manufacturing? I think there is greater satisfaction following something you enjoy doing. Do not worry about it being a traditionally male job. Step out of your comfort zone and find somewhere you can use your talents to add value.

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